Saturday, April 26, 2014

Girlfriends in the Rain

Wishing for rain this past week, I decided to sketch girlfriends in the rain.


Girlfriends in the Rain

Go check out the following shops. Girlfriends styled in the following items: 
Parasol by Lovevox
Trenchcoat by Hanna Boutique HB
Oriental Lantern Scarf by Angeline Dresser Silks
Quilted Rain Coat by Landloper

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Girlfriends Coffee Illustration #4

I was asked to do a fourth girlfriends coffee time illustration. A friend of mine purchased the other three illustrations from my society6 shop on mugs and said it would be great to have a fourth to complete the set. It was so exciting to see my illustrations on the mugs. I am waiting for mine to come in the mail as well.

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Looked on the internet to see if I could find some inspiration and came across this photograph below.
 I was inspired by this fashion photograph by Kristy Gungor of girlfriends having coffee.

The girlfriends in the illustration were styled and inspired by different items found on Etsy.
Girlfriends Coffee

Items featured in the illustration are:

Ombre Dress Grecian Style Caftan Silk Hand dyed Red Purple by Tanja Design 
Keshi pearl necklace by Amaria
Keshi pearl bracelet by Amaria
 Octupus Sugar and Creamer set by Jessica Howard 
Octupus Coffee Mugs by Jessica Howard
Totem Dress by I Heart Norweigan Wood

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Custom Illustrations- Makeup Artist and Texas A&M Fans

I was SUPER excited to be asked to illustrate two drawings to be given as a birthday gifts to twin sisters.
The direction given was that first illustration was to be have one sister doing the makeup of the other sister, while the older sister was watching. I researched the internet and found a photograph that inspired me by Ricardo S. Savi. of makeup artist Mally Roncal backstage at a Tracy Reese Spring 2011 Show.
(September 12, 2010 - Source: Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images North America)


I was pleased with how the illustration came out considering I was not copying a photograph of the sisters in the positions as asked to have them.

I styled the girls in the following:

Citrine Pearl Cluster Necklace by Amaria
Citrine Pearl Cluster Earrings by Amaria
Gold Citrine Ring by CustomStackableRings
Garnet Ring by CustomStackableRing
Hematite Pave Earrings by Amaria
Hematite Pave Necklace by Amaria
Hematite Oxidized Silver Necklace by Amaria
Silk Chiffon Fringe Kimono by IHeartNorweiganWood
Pyrite Green Onyx Earrings by Amaria

The second illustration I did was of twins with their girlfriends at a Texas A&M game. Inspired by a personal picture provided by the family.

I do hope that they were pleased with the illustrations because I had a great time doing these custom illustrations!!! :)
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Suspiro Taller

While on vacation I received an email from the owner of Suspiro Taller that I featured in my illustration called Girlfriends On the Beach. I had chosen to illustrate one of their tote bags because of the design and the fact that they are a fair trade sustainable bag line. They have a Kickstarter campaign active now and I wanted to help out. So here is a little info. about the company.....

Suspiro Taller was started by Veronica Buitron, who was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. She studied Fashion and Designed Objects abroad with the idea to come back home and use design as a tool for social change. With this vision in mind, Suspiro focuses on the value of what the land can provide and what the hand can create with it.
Each bag offers:
  • Hand-woven fabric made from hand-spun wool & cotton.
  • Sustainable practices that preserve the land and people.
  • Job opportunities for Ecuadorion Artistans, and the means to preserve their textile traditions.
Photo: Suspiro Taller

photo: Suspiro Taller

Photo: Suspiro Taller

Check out their Kickstarter campaign and donate what you can!

Kickstarter funding will allow Suspiro Taller to:
  • Restore the looms and weaving studios. 
  • Set up an education system and network for broader weaving education among the community. 
  • Set up a natural dying workspace, which will bring more color to the fabrics while remaining safe for the artisans and land. 
  • Create an outdoor workspace for the spinners to gather and work together.
  •  Expand Suspiro Taller in the US and beyond by improving our website and online store, and also by attending internationally recognized art fairs and gift shows.