Friday, October 25, 2013

Craft in America- Threads

Love this episode from Craft in America- Threads. If you have time to watch all 4 chapters it is about an hour long. Watch and discover these fabric artists and their amazing works.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Fall 2013 AMARIA Colllection

We visited the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles last month and witnessed this gorgeous sunset. 
I fell in love with the colors and matched the palettes below and found stones that would match and look great together.

I ended up using a soft pink freshwater pearl, andalusite, labradorite, pyrite and abalone in the new collection.

14k gold fill wire wrapped necklace with abalone cross
Beaded necklace with slice of amethyst pendant
Labradorite necklace

Abalone cross necklace

Abalone cross rosary bracelet and Beaded labradorite bracelet
Still working on ideas for earrings and hope to be adding some to my shop soon. The necklaces all look great layered together. I am very happy with how the colors all came together for this collection! Any gorgeous sunsets that you have witnessed and have inspired you? What have you created from that inspiration?