Friday, August 22, 2014

Learning to do Surface Design

Earlier this year I search the internet for videos to teach me how to use illustrator to create repeating patterns for surface design. I did not study graphic design in school and it has been something I have been interested in the past few years. I dabbled with adobe illustrator this year with a couple of fabric designs I have in Spoonflower but was incredibly frustrated that I lacked the skills. Last week Bonnie Christine who is a surface designer was on the Creativelive last week teaching everything see learned on her own to do repeat patterns. This is the class and it is well worth purchasing if you are interested in surface design.

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 So all this week I have taking that class and attempting to do my next fabric design on illustrator. It has been so much fun! I was so excited that this class was offered!
Here are some pics of me sketching out some ideas and dabbling in illustrator.

And to end the week off right I did another custom portrait of this fashionable couple who is recently engaged to be married.

Check out Creativelive they offer some really great classes.  Hope you all have had a great week! Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Peek into the Studio

Here is a peek into the studio this week. I'll start with showing off my self portrait. This is definitely one of the more difficult illustrations I did this week but I am pleased with it. I love the fact that I can can just imagine myself wearing the lastest fashion. I especially love the Valentino bag I snuck in there. Maybe one day..... :) I also went ahead and designed my own custom notecards.

This last illustration is of my first boss at Neiman Marcus. She is the ultimate personal shopper, Betty Lidji, at the flagship store in Dallas. Her customer service to her clients is top notch. I learned from the best! I know she will enjoy writing to her fabulous clients with her personalized notecards. :)

If you are interested in getting your own custom fashion watercolor portrait done visit the site. Once the portrait has been completed I can upload the notecard design in my zazzle shop. There you can order and reorder to your hearts desire. If you would want any other item with your portrait on it you can let me know and I can upload that to the shop.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I have been working on this week in the studio.  Have a great weekend and be creative my friends!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Custom Watercolor Fashion Illustrations

I have been busy this week doing more custom watercolor fashion illustrations. I have had a great time doing these paintings on 8" by 8" paper. Here are a few that I have been working on.


If you are interested in having a custom fashion watercolor portrait done please visit the shop. Once the portrait is made I can design a notecard with your name on it similar to the one I made for this lovely little family.

Here are the ones I sent out this week.

Have a great week everyone and I will try to keep you guys updated on all the exciting things happening in the studio!