Friday, May 16, 2014

Wine Tasting in Napa

A couple of weeks ago I went to Napa for the first time. It was truly a magical experience.  The very first winery we stopped at had a group of girlfriends that were there for a bachlorette weekend. I really wish I would have captured the moment. They were all dolled up in their colorful maxi dress and the backdrop of the winery was stunning. I have had this image of them in my mind for the last couple of weeks and have been itching to sketch them.

So this week I decided to illustrate three girlfriends wine tasting in Napa. Here is my process....


And here is the finished illustration that I did with Prismacolor pencils and watercolors.

I included some of my jewelry in this fashion illustration such as the pyrite cluster earrings

Pyrite Cluster Earrings
the citrine necklace

Citrine Necklace

and then I was inspired by the blue dress on the girl on the right. I designed a sterling silver necklace with an abalone cross, freshwater pearls, iolite and pearlized chalcedony.

Abalone Cross Pearl Necklace

I also designed abalone cross earrings to go along with the necklace.

Abalone Cross Earrings

Wine Tasting in Napa

Girlfriends in this fashion illustration are outfitted in the following designers: 

Pyrite Cluster Earrings by Amaria Studio
Liliana Black Headpiece by gadegaarddesign
Leopard Print Backless Dress by cherryblossomsdress
Moonflower Maxi Dress by shelivesonlovest
Beaded Headband by Delightjewelry
Off Shoulder Dress by Cvetinka
Abalone Cross Necklace by Amaria Studio
Abalone Cross Earrings by Amaria Studio

                                           Go give some love to these amazing designers!

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Day at the Kentucky Derby

This week I was inspired to illustrate two girlfriends at the Kentucky a derby with those infamous parade of gorgeous hats.

And here is the completed painting:

A Day at the Kentucky Derby by Ana Maria Sanchez

I included my new filigree pieces in the illustration as well.

Labradorite Coin Pearl Filigree Necklace
Spiderweb Coin Pearl Earrings

Kentucky Derby Girls
As always I styled the girls in the painting in items by various small shops found online. Please go show some love to their amazing shops through the links provided.

Champagne Derby Hat by Arturo Rios
Open Back Plum Dress by BlushFashion
Lace Fingerless Gloves by Steampunkwolf
Red Tulip Dress by MrsPomeranz
Straw Clouche Hat by Boring Sidney

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ñandutí a Labor of Love

A good friend of mine texted me a link to an article from Paraguay early this morning. The article's title translates to "Paraguay is on the Altars in the Vatican".

photo credit: Gentileza, IP Paraguay

This is exciting for 3 reasons. The first is that the lace altar cloth was made by Paraguayan women from the handmade needle woven lace called Ñandutí. Love this quote that Pope Francis had said in regards to the Paraguayan woman,

"In my opinion, the Paraguayan woman is the most heroic in the Americas,” he said. “After the war [The War of the Triple Alliance - 1864–1870 – in which nearly half-a-million Paraguayans died], out of every ten people , eight were women. And these women made the great decision to have children… To save the country , the language, the culture and the faith. I wish that one day the Nobel Prize Committee would give the Nobel prize to the Paraguayan woman . To have saved her culture, her country. It was heroic! I nominate her!"

Second is that it is from a design house in Paraguay called Cecilia Fadul Altieri that specializes in the lace. Her works are truly amazing. She designs wedding dresses to tablecloths made with this needle woven lace.

The third reason is that I studied how to make the lace years ago from a lady from Itagua for several months back in 1998 . So obviously I hold a certain fascination with the lace's history, technique, design and evolution.

About four years ago, I gave a presentation at the Institute of Hispanic Culture in Houston about nanduti and its significance in the culture of Paraguay.
 Quoting textile historian Margy Norrish's blog Unraveling Threads, "The Spanish brought their teneriffe lace and taught the locals. The teneriffe lace is a Spanish handcraft from the 17th C for household use and was professionally produced in a 19thC revival.
In its simplest form these needle-woven circular patterns are formed by foundation threads that radiate from the center like a wheel with additional darning threads woven in different patterns around the circle.  These circles or spider webs are then joined together. "

Teneriffe lace

In Paraguay the women took the technique of the Spanish and designed patterns inspired by nature. Below is a page taken from an incredible book about the lace. It had several pages of photographs of the different designs of the lace and their inspiration. For example the first one is inspired by jazmin.

from the book El Nanduti Trama Sutil Cautivante by Eliodora Ramos de Martinez and Maria Angela Fernandez de Navarro

 Making a piece out of Ñandutí is truly a labor of love. It is certainly a dying art form as many young women are preferring to get an education and have a career and not learn from their mothers an art form that has been passed down many generations. To receive a tablecloth made from Ñandutí is to receive  a little piece of those artisans' hearts. 

Here is a video of an artisan filmed making Ñandutí

 Monica and I in front of a framed Ñandutí tablecloth, Paraguay 1998

Cazador de Instantes has a great blog post about an artisan who makes Ñandutí which features some amazing photographs of her work.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Are YOU ready for the weekend?

Thank goodness it is friday! TGIF! Are you ready for the weekend? Go celebrate with your girlfriends at happy hour.

This week I worked on a painting of girlfriends at a happy hour. Here are some pics of my process.

Here is the finished painting! I really had a hard time looking for stylish items to outfit the girlfriends in. I really love to look for small businesses and feature their items. If you guys have any suggestions please provide the link to their website for next week's illustration. I love promoting small businesses as a way to give back.

Happy Hour by Ana Maria Sanchez

Happy Hour

Love what the girlfriends are outfitted in? Go give some love to the following websites: 
Art Nouveau top by Penelope red
Minimalist Leather Tunic by Murmuration
Lipstick linen napkins by Sew Glam Gifts
Wine Glasses by Lit Decor 
Violet Glass Lantern by LITdecor
Ruby Cross Necklace by Amaria Studio

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