Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Custom Illustrations- Makeup Artist and Texas A&M Fans

I was SUPER excited to be asked to illustrate two drawings to be given as a birthday gifts to twin sisters.
The direction given was that first illustration was to be have one sister doing the makeup of the other sister, while the older sister was watching. I researched the internet and found a photograph that inspired me by Ricardo S. Savi. of makeup artist Mally Roncal backstage at a Tracy Reese Spring 2011 Show.
(September 12, 2010 - Source: Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images North America)


I was pleased with how the illustration came out considering I was not copying a photograph of the sisters in the positions as asked to have them.

I styled the girls in the following:

Citrine Pearl Cluster Necklace by Amaria
Citrine Pearl Cluster Earrings by Amaria
Gold Citrine Ring by CustomStackableRings
Garnet Ring by CustomStackableRing
Hematite Pave Earrings by Amaria
Hematite Pave Necklace by Amaria
Hematite Oxidized Silver Necklace by Amaria
Silk Chiffon Fringe Kimono by IHeartNorweiganWood
Pyrite Green Onyx Earrings by Amaria

The second illustration I did was of twins with their girlfriends at a Texas A&M game. Inspired by a personal picture provided by the family.

I do hope that they were pleased with the illustrations because I had a great time doing these custom illustrations!!! :)
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