Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tea for Two

Tea for Two by Ana Maria Sanchez

On rainy day, missing my girlfriends I made this illustration inspired by a photograph by Steven Meisel. I painted with acrylics and prismacolor pencils. This is the first of a series of three I plan to illustrate.
I also played stylist by searching the internet for some amazing pieces to include in the illustration. Check out them all out!

Tea for Two- Amaria Studio

This illustration is now available for purchase in my Society6 shop.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello November

The November birthstone citrine is named for the French word “citrin,” which means lemon. Although the citrine’s tones are warmer and more golden than a lemon, the name still connotes the hue that is uniquely the color of November’s birthstone. However, the citrine’s hue can range from a very pale yellow to a dark amber tone known as Madeira for its resemblance to the red wine. The birthstone of November has all the warmth and yellow sunshine of the sun itself. With its sunny color, it should come as no surprise that citrine is said to symbolize happiness and hope. Like the yellow rose, the citrine represents friendship, making it perfect for gift-giving occasions that don’t call for the more romantic ruby or diamond. 

Images by tmarsee530, jcookfisher, mrVertrau

Monday, November 4, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nakashima Woodworker

Craft in America had an episode on Landscape and featured George and his daughter Mira Nakashima's wood work. The look of their pieces are amazing. 

Their website explains their philosophy on how they work with wood,

"We are left in awe by the nobility of a tree, its eternal patience, its suffering caused by man and sometimes nature, its witness to thousands of years of earth's history, its creations of fabulous beauty. It does nothing but good, with its prodigious ability to serve, it gives off its bounty of oxygen while absorbing gases harmful to other living things. The tree and its pith live on. Its fruits feed us. Its branches shade and protect us. And, finally, when time and weather bring it down, its body offers timber for our houses and boards for our furniture. The tree lives on."

Here is the video from Craft in America.

His designs can be found for purchase on Artsy