Friday, September 4, 2009

My famous friend - MinnaK

I am so excited for my designer friend Minna Kao! Her business has been featured in the latest Brides magazine pg. 240!!!!!! Check it out! Minna remember the little people when you are rich and famous!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Being green

My hubby and I are trying to slowly transform our house to be "greener". This past weekend we installed a rain gutter to the side of our house and made a rain barrel. He took a 55 gallon drum, painted it green, cut holes in barrel, set up barrel & modified downspout and assembled the parts. Here is the link we used to guide us. We just got another drum and will be working on attaching it this weekend. We hope to be watering our lil' garden with the rain water we collect. Go Green!!!

Creative friend

I love surrounding myself with creative people! I feel that we all feed off of each other's energy and inspire each other to create some amazing things and ideas. I was invited to join a friend Rosa at her house for cafecito (coffee) and enjoyed her homemade bread and blueberry tart. Rosa is an incredibly talented person. She bakes amazing goodies and also specializes in cakes. She also showed me some of her amazing little girls dresses that she has handmade with smocked detailing and embroidery. I am on a mission to introduce her to Etsy and see if she too can set up shop.