Friday, February 13, 2009

Legend of love

To celebrate Valentine's Day I would like to share a legend from the Guarani Indians from Paraguay. It involves the lace called nanduti which means spider web. This lace is what inspired my logo. Please pardon the translation.
There was the son of an indian chief called Nandu Guasu Rajhy from the Nandu indians. All the young women of the tribe were in love with him but only one girl existed for him. Her name was Su Puru from a friendly tribe. From the moment he met her, he could not sleep and was in agony to be with her.
The old lady who took care of Su Puru told the young man that the young girl announced to her parents that she would marry the man that would present to her the most rare and valuable gift. Nandu Guasu thought that he should look for something extra ordinary to present the indian of his dreams so that he could beat his rivals. In one of his walks in the jungle, he found a fine lace made on the leaves that appeared like rays from the moon. It was the work of a spider that imitated intricate forms of feathers and fresh flowers of the guayabo plant. The indian was fascinated by the spider web. The jungle had inspired him with this gift to win the love of the girl. The moment he tried to grab the spider web he destroyed it.
A great sadness embittered his heart and he started to feel sick, weak and beaten. He arrived home and with a heavy heart he lied down. He wanted to cry till he had no more tears to shed. He shared his pain with his mother and his bad luck of having destroyed the web. His mother said to him to go back to the forest and show her this lace made by the spider. Luckily they found a spider busy at work adding incredible forms to the web. Remembering the failure of her son trying to grab the web, his mother just observed the work in progress. They returned home and the son decided to take a nap.
When he awoke much later he saw in his mother's hands a transparent veil. The design was identical to the work of the spider. The mother told her son that he could touch this lace because it was of better quality and stronger than the spider's web. As he touched the lace, he asked his mother how she was able to make such a beautiful thing. The old lady had studied the the design and the direction, crossing, and knotting of the lines and she used her own graying hair to imitate the design.
In this manner, maternal love the fountain of inexhaustible tenderess contributed in this case to conquer the love of her son.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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